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The world is ready for a real “world project”: as diverse as the world itself. Geared towards a large variety of tastes and directions, with no boundaries.

Introducing our new CD, titled The Meritxell Project, a world project, in both English and Spanish, very diverse in styles: From world beat to ballads, r&b, rock/funk and tropical latin.

When you hear the first song, don't expect the next to sound the same...

So, open your mind, listen with your heart, and “travel the world”...

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1. Vuelvo al mediterráneo (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)


2. Dentro de cien años (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)


3- Canta a la vida (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)


4- Sista, sista (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)


5- Little Jimmy (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams, Jimmy Wilson)


6- Tenemos la verdad (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams, Jimmy Wilson)


7- Bello futuro (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)

8 - Noches De Pasion (Meritxell Negre-Williams, Richie Goods)

9 - When Barcelona Calls (Meritxell Negre-Williams, James Dean Hicks)

10- Take your time (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)

11- Love Wants (Gary Grainger, Meritxell Negre-Williams)

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